• Selling Old Furniture On Classifieds

    Old furniture, no what of which type or category can be sold on classifieds. Even if the furniture has been used for years but is usable and/or in working condition, it can be sold easily through classifieds. There are countless buyers for furniture on classifieds. Classifieds are also referred to as free classifieds and it is an online medium via which the registered users of the site can buy and sell both new and old products in varied categories and sub-categories. Old furniture is one of them.

    You individually or with the opinion of your family might have decided to sell the old furniture and if you are looking how to, we suggest you place the advertisement of sale of it on classifieds. If you don’t have an account already, you can easily create one in any of the many classifieds and start to post ads for the sale of your old furniture. Some well known and commonly used classifieds in our country are OLX, Craigslist and Sulekha. Quikr is another one which has lakhs of registered users. There are no charges taken by these sites either for the purpose of registering on their website or for placing the advertisements of sale of items. Hence, it is a good option to consider selling old furniture on classifieds.

    When you sell your old furniture on such classifieds, you will have to write a brief description of it in the space provided for it. Do mention all the relevant and important information about the furniture. Photographs can be uploaded too along with the details. You can take the photographs from different angles and upload clear photographs. Sale advertisements with photographs always have a higher response from buyers than those sale advertisements without photographs. Some buyers also prefer to see an original bill. Hence, if you are putting up branded old furniture for sale, post a picture of its bill along with other details and then post the advertisement on the classified.

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    Mercredi 19 Février 2020 à 04:43

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